Listing Your Book Series on Amazon: Increasing Your Book Visibility?
Posted On: 2015-07-08
by: Amy Harrop

08, 2015
If you’ve ever written a series, and many KDP writers do, because it can spell large profits and an even larger following of dedicated readers, then you know that Amazon has now made it easier for customers to find your series.

Writers have been able to enter a series title for years, which allows you to tell people that this book is part of your new series. However, Amazon has recently improved titling and selling of a series, which will make it even easier for people to find the other books and, more importantly, buy all of the books so that they can catch up to the new installment.

Titling a Series

This section is mostly for new series writers because this feature hasn’t changed much since the update. When you enter a new book, you have the opportunity to name it. You’ll see a field that’s labeled “Series Title.” Be sure to write the series title in here. For example, if this book is part of the “Ramen Noodle Mystery Diner” series, then write that title in this field.

Do not write the book’s title here. Also, be sure to write the exact series title again when publishing the next installment. It has to be exactly the same, otherwise Amazon won’t recognize it. So, if you make it “Ramen Noodles Mystery Diner,” Amazon will consider it a different series.

Volume Number

Each book needs to be numbered for Amazon to put them in order. So be sure to add a “1,” “2” or “3” in the title field. If you don’t, then it won’t be added to the series. According to Amazon’s guidelines, which you can find here, it says that any books without a volume number won’t be shown in the series page. While they can still be found along with other books, you’re losing out on one of the best features of this update.

The Series Page

So, how does this new title schema make it easier to sell books? The series page. Whenever someone clicks on your series’s title, they will be brought to the series page. This page lists all of the volumes in order so that readers can quickly find all of the relevant books. No longer do they have to search for the title to find your book, and possibly others that have a similar name. Not only that, but forcing authors to number their books makes it much easier for customers to know which book is which so that they can follow the proper order.

Making sales on Kindle is all about discoverability. This makes it much easier for readers to know about your series. Before this update, some readers would buy the newest installment and just read that book, not realizing that books have come before and after it. If someone likes your series, then you can almost guarantee that they will look at the other books and buy them.

Profiting From a Series

Due to this update, you don’t have to worry too much about making people aware of your series (though it’s still good to market it as a series, just to ensure that everyone’s aware). Your primary focus should now be providing a quality product that people will want to read. Series books have always done well if the product is good, just look at some of the latest series. Harry Potter, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Gray and the Percy Jackson books. Readers love the individual books, but making them a series keeps their attention and ensures a much higher money flow for the authors.

If you can get people really excited about the first book and then keep the quality going, then you’ll make some major sales. A series also tends to be easier on the writer because the characters are already established after the first book. Now you just have to keep the plot going. At the same time, remember to stress quality the whole time. Faltering even once can reduce your profit.


Amazon is always trying to make things easier for writers, and updating the series feature now makes it easier than ever to get your series discovered. You don’t even have to do any work. Just make sure that the series and volume number are correct before publishing the book. If you do that, then people will have an easy time finding all of the books in your series.

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